6 Warning Signs a New Manager Needs Help


Too many new managers are ill-prepared for their role in leading others. They may have racked up an outstanding performance as an individual contributor, but the promotion to management has challenged them beyond their ability to cope and succeed. The risk is that not only will they fail, but also that their team will disintegrate and fall short of important business goals. They need new manager training.

Here are 6 signs that your new manager is struggling and needs help:

      1. Bad new managers don’t know how to effectively delegate.
        Some new managers cling almost obsessively to doing the work themselves or micromanage their employees trying to get the work done. These new managers haven’t learned how to assign tasks and trust others to do the job. Unfortunately, poor delegation results in a loss of morale among employees and creates resentment that their boss does not believe in their capabilities.
      2. Bad new managers act like bullies.
        Some new managers feel their strength is shown in tough talk. They belittle their team members and rule through intimidation. Perhaps they had a boss (or a parent) who managed this way. No matter how they came to this mean behavior, it is toxic. Employees are over-stressed and are less productive and the quality of their work suffers.
      3. Bad new managers are indecisive.
        Despite having enough information to make a decision, some new managers can’t decide. They are so risk-averse or afraid of missing something that they don’t have the strength of their own convictions. Team members look to their leaders for direction. When they are not shown the path ahead, employees can flounder and lose respect for their new manager.
      4. Bad new managers don’t know how to manage performance.
        The downhill slope begins with unclear expectations for the standards of behavior (being) and performance (doing). It continues with a new manager who does not know how to give constructive employee feedback. And the final blow to a team’s morale is when non-performers are ignored. Good new managers address sub-par performance quickly and work with low performers to improve or find a better fit elsewhere.
      5. Bad new managers withhold information.
        Still very much aligned with an individual contributor mentality, they don’t understand how important knowledge sharing can be to the success of the team as a whole. Employees need to know where they fit in the big picture and should be updated whenever there is new information that will affect their job or the success of the team. Employees deserve to know when there are high-level changes afoot and should be trusted to handle the news appropriately.
      6. Bad new managers treat employees unfairly.
        When one employee is favored over another or one is regularly picked on, the toxic atmosphere affects the entire team. All are uncomfortable and no one knows who will be the next favorite or the next target. Needless to say, productivity falls.

If you see any one of these bad new manager signs, act without delay. New managers need customized management training that will teach them what they need to know to build a strong, collaborative and high performing team.

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