New Managers Need to Be the Role Model


New Managers Need to Be the Role Model
New managers typically try very hard but are often overwhelmed by the new responsibilities that go along with their new management title. Unfortunately, new supervisors often don’t have the knowledge, skills, experience or courage to successfully lead their team and make the tough decisions.

Take a Page from the Good Book
Certainly they should have the new manager training that will build the foundational management skills they need to lead and manage others. In the meantime, new managers could take a page from the “good book.” Sure, they can be inspired by the leadership of Moses (more on that later). But even more relevant to new manager success is the advice to “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” In other words, new managers need to be the role model to show the traits you want to develop in your team members.

Do You Want to Build a Collaborative Team?
Then model collaborative behavior. If you show you are willing to pitch in and help team members when needed, they will be more likely to help their coworkers through a rough spot. If you show genuine interest in what others are doing, you promote a sense of team cooperation where everyone knows where they fit toward achieving the overall goal. There is little redundancy and or conflict because roles are clear and cooperation is welcomed.

Do You Want to Build a Team that is Founded on Mutual Respect?
Then model dependability. Always do what you say you are going to do. Hold yourself accountable and your team members will understand that they, too, will be held accountable for results.

Do You Want to Build a Team that Trusts One Another?
Then model open communication. When you welcome differing opinions and answer questions honestly, the team will understand that they can speak freely – without repercussion. Solicit their feedback and then act upon it. Perhaps Jane has a good idea about how to run better meetings or Joe suggests a clever way to better tier your target clients. Value their input. It could save time, effort and many headaches down the road.

Do You Want to Build a Team that Enjoys One Another?
Then inject some playfulness into your interactions. Get to know your team members on an individual basis and find ways to share personal interests. Strong social relationships help to bind teams together.

Do You Want to Build a Team that Values Continuous Learning?
Then seek a mentor that can help you develop as a leader. Your example will encourage others to look for development opportunities and to coach and be coached toward higher performance.

The Bottom Line
So back to Moses…he did indeed work miracles. As a new supervisor, you may not be able to part the Red Sea, but we suspect that if you model the behaviors you want, your team will follow and support you through thick and thin.

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