A New Manager’s Surprisingly Most Useful Tool


With so much to worry about as you take on the role of a new manager, make it simple…use the one tool that new manager training professionals know really matters.

Far too few new managers receive the training they need to do the job well. They were promoted because they excelled as individual contributors, but no one stopped to think how different those roles are. The skills needed to work well on your own are not at all the same as the skills needed to manage the work of others.

Effective new manager training is a key component to a new manager’s success. But for the majority who don’t have the benefit of learning and practicing new manager skills beforehand, here’s a tip…the one tool that will give you the greatest boost in gaining the support of your new team is recognizing excellent work regularly and consistently from the beginning.

Studies have shown a strong correlation between acknowledgment of work well done and the loyalty of workers. When a company has established a consistent practice of recognition, almost 9 out of 10 employees feel a strong relationship with their manager. For new managers seeking to build bonds with their team, consistent and meaningful recognition of superior work should be a standard practice.

And the benefits go beyond the manager/employee relationship. 70 percent of employees who have been recognized for superior performance by their supervisors say they’re happy with their jobs. And if a new leader can show appreciation for employees who have never been appreciated before, there will be over a 30% instant increase in job satisfaction. And the practice of recognition goes even beyond those who are called out. When employees see their colleagues recognized for their years of service, they get the sense that the organization cares.

It’s all good…for new managers, for the employee/manager bond, for employee engagement and satisfaction. Acknowledging achievement, recognizing superior performance, appreciating hard work and loyalty all contribute meaningfully to a workplace where employees are both satisfied and engaged.

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