3 Tips to Build Trust as a New Manager

If you are a new manager, be aware that you are the “change” in the room and, like all organizational change, you are apt to encounter some levels of both fear and resistance. We know from decades of designing and delivering customized new manager training programs...

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The Greatest Risk for New Managers

We know from thousands of new manager training participants that new managers are typically risk-averse. They often do not want to come aboard and make quick decisions that rock the team boat to the point where they take on water and sink. In an ideal world, new...

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Not All Bad Managers Are Yellers

The stereotypical bad manager described in our new manager training programs is a yeller, loses their temper and is abusive to their employees. But, new managers please take note, there are many less overt ways to discourage, disengage, and damage your team members....

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