5 Most Difficult Challenges for New Managers


Are you a new manager who is overwhelmed by the weight of the responsibilities ahead? You may need some new manager training to exercise the muscles and build the skills you will need to carry your load with confidence and with success. Meantime, a quick look at some of the challenges in store can assure you that these are problems that everyone new to management faces and can eventually overcome.


Any of the following ring true?


  1. The difficulty of shifting from co-worker to superior
    How can you maintain positive relationships with former teammates when you are now in charge? You as their manager must assign their tasks and evaluate their performance. This will take superior communication skills and an attitude of helping rather than dictating as you work together to establish goals and expectations.
  2. Learning to delegate and not micro-manage
    As an individual contributor, you were used to taking on responsibilities and handling them on your own. As a manager, you need to rely on your team to get the job done. There is a fine line between supporting your team and over-supervising them. You will need to learn how each team member works most productively and shift your supervision of their activities accordingly.
  3. Resolving conflict
    No team is without some disagreement and grumbling. The best managers know how to handle conflict before it infects the rest of the team. They have learned to deal with disagreements in a straightforward, objective and open manner listening to both sides and negotiating an acceptable path forward.
  4. Inspiring and motivating the best in others
    No longer working toward your own individual goals, you have team members who look to you to set team goals and guide them toward success. It is up to you to create the vision and inspire each of your employees to do their best. Each one will need to feel valued as an integral part of the team and understand clearly how their contribution matters.
  5. Maintaining work/life balance
    Your promotion to management was hard won and well deserved. Now your challenge is to keep working hard with a clear focus on your goals clear but not to the detriment of your health and personal life. There will be times you need to dig in. But remember to celebrate the wins and to have some fun with your team. “Work” should have elements of “play” as well.

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