Smart Tips on Managing Others More Effectively


Managing Others More Effectively
Management gurus abound who share their wisdom about managing others more effectively. Some belong on an isolated mountaintop with their rather impractical ideas about leadership. But others have insights that are truly helpful in inspiring new and experienced managers to think about their jobs differently.

The First Tip About Managing Others More Effectively
The best way to gain confidence in your role as manager is to know yourself…inside and out.   In other words, managing others more effectively starts with managing yourself more effectively.  And managing yourself more effectively starts with self-awareness.

We define self-awareness as the knowledge and understanding of your own feelings and character so you have an appreciation of your strengths and an acceptance of your weaknesses.

  • When you have an accurate and realistic assessment of your preferences and abilities, you can make better decisions about your behavior and how those actions impact others.
  • When you can take an honest look at who you are, you have (according to Lawrence Bossidy, former Chairman and CEO, Honeywell International Inc.) “the capacity to learn from your mistakes as well as your successes. It enables you to keep growing.”

The Second Tip About Managing Others More Effectively
Give your team members the same opportunity to learn and grow that you desire for yourself. This means:

  • Providing Structure
    Be clear, especially as a new manager, about what you expect your followers to do and how you expect them to behave. Employees need something to measure against to know when they are on the right track. By setting explicit expectations, you help define the culture you want and the one that will support the team goals.
  • Giving Freedom
    By the same token, it is important to empower your team members to make decisions within the realm of their role and responsibilities and to give them a chance to make a mistake. Each misstep, upon objective reflection, can serve as a moment of truth that can be a stepping stone toward insight and improvement. Don’t handicap your followers by setting too many restrictive boundaries.
  • Organizing and Overseeing Talent
    The best managers know their team members as individuals…both personally and professionally. Only then can a leader pull together a team that capitalizes on the mix of strengths and talent that each member brings. Meet regularly one-on-one to ensure that your workers are engaged and committed to their own continuous learning as well as to the team effort.

The Bottom Line
To be sure, managing others is a challenge. But with the right attitude, self-awareness, clear expectations, and empathy for others, you can do it.

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